Thursday, June 4, 2009

Running at Sea Level

Today I flew to Columbia, MO for work. I feel so fast running at sea level on flat terrain. After checking into my hotel, I went to run on the MKT Trail. Before I knew it I had run 4 miles and I was not even breathing heavily. My stats for the run today:
Time: 59:44
Distance: 8.2 miles
Average Pace: 7:17 minutes/mile
Average HR: 159 bpm

Also, I had an awesome day on the ski hill on Wednesday after a slow day on Monday.
Wednesday stats:
Lap 1: 18:44 up and 8:30 down
Lap 2: 18:51 up and 9:29 down
Lap 3: 18:43 up and 8:58 down

Monday stats were all over 20 minutes up.

And the most random thing that happened to me today was running into Erik and Lucy at the MKT trail head after my run. Erik and Lucy lived in LA for a while but are currently on a multi year trip around the world climbing. Totally weird to run into them in Columbia, MO.

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  1. 8.2 miles in under an hour is awesome. That is totally random to have run into Eric and Lucy. Cool! We missed you at hill repeats this morning...hurry back.